Is it worth getting a full suspension MTB frame?

When your MTB frame is configured with full suspension, which means you can easily climb over mountain roads with comfortable feeling. The biggest feature of suspension frames is that they have cushioning properties and are softer than hardtail frames. When you pass through depressions, mountains and rocks, you Won't feel the bumps.

Why are full suspension MTB frame more expensive

The full suspension structure is more complex, with more manufacturing procedures, and supports front and rear shock absorbers, which are usually equipped with suspension forks, and use more raw materials than hardtail mtb frame. Because the full suspension frame is heavier. The frame structure is stronger.

풀 서스펜션 자전거 프레임이 더 좋습니까?

Of course, 100% recommend that you use the full suspension frame, which will bring you a comfortable riding experience.

What is your full suspension MTB frame stroke

At present, we mainly have three full suspension frames. Due to the different types of mountains used, their strokes are different, mainly 100mm, 130mm, and 150mm strokes.

How much suspension travel do I need on my mountain bike?

Which stroke size of mtb fram you are suitable for depends on your style of riding
Generally speaking, they have the following reference stroke dimensions

  • Trail riding: 110-140mm travel
  • All-mountain: 130 -160mm travel
  • Enduro: between 150 and 170mm travel
  • XC: 90-110mm travel

1. 더 넓은 후면 부스트 간격: 148x12mm. 2. Full Toray T700 또는 T800 탄소 섬유 자전거 프레임, 기본 요소 ...
가볍고 튼튼한 카본 트레일 / AM MTB 프레임을 만들 준비가 되셨나요? 아니면 현재 프레임을 업그레이드 하시겠습니까? ...
최고의 XC 풀 서스펜션 MTB 부스트 프레임 S3 XC 풀 서스펜션 MTB Bike S3는 최신 크로스입니다.
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